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06 March 2007 @ 11:21 am
A Day in the Life of Liana  
The other day I was sitting next to Nactia Serova in Russian Literature. I glanced over to the paper she was drawing on. There was a picture of a girl. In a car. With the conversation bubble shouting " Coco Shanell".

Somethings are international.

Я сидела рядом Настий. Я смотрила что она написала на бумаге. девойчке в машине. Девоичка кричает " коко чанелл" Класс...да?

I was in Yalta with Yula and моя мама ( не настоящия ) not my real mother...I love Yalta....

How come I buy the best stuff from the bababababushkas...I bought a pair of Yugoslavian leather boots with a tiny heel. They smell a little U.S.S.R but they are soooooo bomb ass. They are better than the ones that I bought from ebay 2 years ago that now have a hole in the back. Oh Ukraine. Oh Ukraine. You have not died yet. Besides those 0 ghryvnas went to a good cause. As the babuska put it "It is a kilogram of sausage!"

я еше люблююююююю чемпионе!!!

But it is ok. Right? Oh by the way for the people that read this (probably which is only jill ) the questions marks are russian words that probably couldn't agree with myspace. or something. hope fully it doesn't happen again. but yeah. I have no money. I mean I do. But that is like 10 ghryvnas which will go towards with Shan today. and then 5 ghryna that will go towards fish in a can. They have the best fish in a can here. I want Yalta againnnnnn.

дай мне, пожалуйста!!!

I do'nt want to come back. Maybe for 5 seconds to indulge in a Jays Heart. Visit Second Time around on Newbury Street with Jill. See my mama. Relive the Yeah Yeah Yeahs all over again ( I place that on the top 3 perfect moments of my life...) Go the the District with weenie and Jill.

может быть....я не хочу домой!!!

ladnnnnaaa paka