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02 March 2007 @ 11:47 am
hey everyone just here typibng. i'm too lazy to do a russian entry.

besides no one would understand harharharhadkljfhaldks.
basically today was AN EXCELLENT day.
school we got out at about 10 oclock...why? because of quarentine bitches. yup quarentine. 30 percent of the school has the flu, поетому there fore we do not have school till march 22nd. so i basically got out of school, gave kisses and hugs. and left. i saw sergei and bila, sergei hates me thatis a given. but i don't care, i'm sick of ukrainian rude men. except. for

mark. the champion of the world of some type of chinese martial arts. who is barrel chested and who's face is .. very

attractive. why do i like him? because when i first met him, he introduced him self to me and he didn't know who i was. which i liked, everyone here knows me as the american girl who doesn't look american but likeagypsytatarukrainian. so i liked that. and he is smart, very smart. his german is very very good. i just like him because he is not my type and ect, maybe i need a change. besides the only person i have liked her in Ura from Uma2rman group. becaue he has a tat on his back and has a beard. but, he is on the tv and i am this town. i'm such a little girl. whenever i see the champion of the world...oh well. why do i also like ukraine...because my hair looks cooll today and i can whatever the fuck i want in russian and i love the language. i'm coming back aright after i leave,....arrrlight. i'm going to yalta on sunday with yula which i am happy about. yesterday at jillybilly or how ever the hell you spell it, we disected the relationship of alona and her 22 year old boy friend. they have been together for 4 years. there for she met him when she was 13 or 14 and he was 18 or 17. that is kind of gross. oh well. she has ammmmazing clothes. the only reason i have an inkling of want to come back, is to go to boston with jill. and then come back here., i don't want to come home. i don't want to. i don't want to. ahhhh. i love ukraine. i do love this town. i do love yalta. i want to be in KIEV right now.

ok by i'm going to go to sasha at the freschette.

i love you all. i love you. but

i love you!

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jillat_coneyisland on March 2nd, 2007 09:24 pm (UTC)
LIANA I HUGGED CONOR OBERST AND SANG "LAURA LAURENT" WITH HIM AT THE SHOW ON WEDNESDAY. He came into the crowd and went right up to us because everyone else was sitting being too cool to sing and we were screaming our little hearts out.

And, yeah I have a 97 in H.English so I thought I'd brag about it to you.

Annnnnnnnd I miss & love ya babe.