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04 January 2007 @ 07:32 pm
Hello? I want a cellphone  
In America I was one of the few who did not have a cellphone, meaning the homeless man on the street didn't have a cell phone either. But my whole school did! It did create some problems, my friends did receive some pissed calls from my father wondering where I was ect. So now that I am in Ukraine, I want a damn cellphone ( after about three years ). The cellphones aren't terrible expensive, I'm looking to pay about 50 dollars, maybe 60 inculding the magnetic card and five dollars worth of 30 minutes for my starting. I need one becuase :

-It would be easier to call my parents in America than on my host family's phone, I hate doing that.
-I can call my host family if I will be late
-I can call my host sister if I tell her I am going out of Roger
-Ect Ect.

But, of course, my host sister, Marsha, Yula whatever one wants to call her, keeps on repeating to me that I do not need one. Well why does she need one? The only thing she does is text boys and notifies her mother of where she is or going, nothing too amazing. My theory, why does Yula not want me to get a cellphone, because of this: there have been boy asking for my mobile phone number, and of course I do not have one. If I get a cellphone, that means I will be texting boys just like Yula does everysinglefuckingminute and therefore that is a threat to her, if boys like me, that is a threat. So fuck her. I'm going to by a cellphone. If I want to drop a foresaken 60$ then fuck it, it isn't her problem, her phone was over 100$. I'm sick and tired of being the played the stupid American idiot. I'm learning to play this game, the competitive game. In America, I didn't care, becuase I just didn't, it wasn't a problem. I didn't need too. But suddenly when I arrive to the Ukraine and notice things like when I am in a crowd of boys and make a funny joke and then notice girls pulling down their shirts to show cleavage, then I realize that this is the game. This is how the female mind works, everywhere in the world, in Ukraine it is just more noticeable. I'm sick of it. I'm going to get a phone and fuck you if I want to give my number out. Becuase that is exactly what I will do. I don't care if you kneed to show you tits because you are threatened. Oh, and I didn't mention that my 8 year old brother rececived a cellphone for Christmas. So I, a 17 year old girl, often pryed upon by less than polite Ukrainain men when I am walking home at 7 at night, doesn't need a cellphone. Ok then, there is logic.

But really though, I just want a phone. I want to call my mother in America, call my counselor at school, and of course, have a way toooo have connnntact with the ouuuuutside woooooorld.

Jill I hope you appreciate this crazy shit I conjured up in my head. But please, am I crazy, or is this true?
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jill: AIBat_coneyisland on January 4th, 2007 10:01 pm (UTC)
You are probably right. Plus, what if someone snatched you up!? Once again, it sounds like she is very threatened and she's just being a tool.

"Nyet Liana, don't drink without me."
"Nyet Liana, don't get a phone."
"Nyet Liana, ...blah blah"

Its just that beeotch trying to keep ya down!